Nedernet's Solar Wireless Repeaters

In order to bring our service from Nederland all the way out to our POPs in Bar-K Ranch, Allenspark and Ward, we employ a series of wireless repeaters. Our Caribou Road (in Nederland) and our Taylor Mtn (in Allenspark) locations lacked nearby AC power, so our only option was to run them on 100% solar power. Each power system consists of three 80-watt solar panels, a 180 amp-hour gel-cell battery, and a charge controller. The battery provides enough juice for about 4 days of run-time, in case of cloudy weather or snow-covered panels.

Our Caribou repeater has a remote voltage monitor system, which allows us to monitor both the current battery voltage, and the voltage coming out of the solar panels.

Here is a graph of the battery voltage (in .1 volts) over the past week:

And here is a graph of the output of the solar panels over the past week:

(just divide by 10 to get the actual Volts DC)